Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One year and four days after they launched their last album, let's talk about Papa Roach - Part 5

We now advance to the first album they did without founding drummer, Dave Buckner. To fill up the spot came in Tony Palermo and I must say that he came out pretty strong, being that said album is "Metamorphosis".

"Metamorphosis" is brutal. It's everything that "Getting Away With Murder" and "The Paramour Sessions" wanted to be, and you know I don't consider those two bad, I even consider them great.

It's the first album to have an "Intro" song, those songs that last one minute plus something. And I got to say, they chose well. "Days of War" pretty much sets up the rest of the album, puts it in context, in only that one minute. You don't have words, but the title of the song and the instruments all scream "REVOLUTION".

That's right. "Revolution songs" were back.

Right after Tony showed off his skills mashing the drum-set in "Days of War", the awesome guitar line of "Change or Die" starts to play and the first words you hear, while alreay hype from Jerry's magic, are an exciting "LET'S GOOOOOO". Not original, I know, but it goes so well with the song that you go along. So that is the first "revolution song" of the album. It's different from the old Nu Metal revolution like in "Between Angels and Insects", but this still works and it felt good knowing that they were back to spreading ideals. Besides, "Change or Die" is a really powerful song, I can't imagine how exciting and tiring at the same time it is to sing it all for Jacoby.

Then we have another single, "Hollywood Whore". I love the guitar riff and the ending, Jacoby goes ape shit and starts screaming and at the end acts like a maniac with the line "Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you honey", laughing maniacally right after.

"I Almost You That I Love You" was always weird for me. It has great vocals, great instrumentals, but it's style doesn't fit in with the rest. Sure, isn't the first time they talked about sex, but never like in this song! Well, rockstars will be rockstars.

We have then another song on self-struggle, a style that we're used to at this point, "Lifeline". It's comparable to "Scars" in a way that it's not slow but it is slow, making it a great song to hear when in the mood.

Then three more (not straight) "revolution songs". Man they were on fire! And I got to say, putting "March Out Of The Darkness" right before "Into The Light" was a pretty great move. Same happens to the album beginning with "Days of War" and (almost) ending with "Nights of Love".

Being used to the other albuns, this one startles you when you are getting near the end and two slow songs come straight. Like in "Reckless", "Carry Me" holds a lot of meaning for me, but I think it should be more in the middle.

The last track though, takes that of our mind. "State of Emergency" is GREAT as a song and even greater as a closer. It really goes with the flow that post-apocalyptic ending with the guitar sounding like a melodic distress siren far away and the sounds of someone talking on a radio... Really really great. Also, the song makes me want to kill zombies in Left 4 Dead. No wonder, since they seem like  they desperatly want to make the soundtrack of the game by saying "Left for dead" like four times just before the song ends.

So like that ends the, in my opinion, heaviest Papa Roach album at this point, which is always good. It's good that they come back to "revolution songs" but at the same time bad because they left it in the first place. Also, always struck me odd the way that they start "Change or Die" with "This is a battle call / To one to all" and "Into The Light" with "This is a warning / My final warning". I don't know, seemed similar, don't know why.

Kuddos PRoach, this is a really great one.

Unfortunatly this album came with their worst looks. Tony is the one who looks best, and he's just like "Hey, I'm here"

Bah look at this! Mr. Dick ('cause I'm nasty) looks like that guy from Escape The Fate, ugh

PS: Keeping on insiting on you guys coming heeeeere!

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