Monday, October 14, 2013

One year and two days after they launched their last album, let's talk about Papa Roach - Part 2

Obviously on Part 2 of this post I'll talk about "Lovehatetragedy", Papa Roach's second album.

First of all, what a creepy ass cover!

Second, yes, it was a great album. "She Loves Me Not" makes it a great album on itself! But let's break it up, shall we?

In this second album, PRoach lost their touch or will of "revolution songs". Maybe "Code of Energy" is kind of a shout out to the way world treats people, but I think I'm on a stretch here. To add to that, the "suffering songs" still exist but they turned the attention from general suffering like in "Last Resort" and "Never Enough" to the suffering in a relationship ("She Loves Me Not", "Decompression Period"...) and not only are all the songs trully heart-felt, so much that you can hear the feels, but they also connected with the fans, like they did with "Infest". To prove the "heart-feltness", Jacoby was said to be having problems with his now long-time wife, Kelly, during the writting of the albums. Don't worry, she did love you after all!

This album opened doors to what Papa Roach would become. Unfortunatly, it was the last to have them awesome Jacoby-rap parts until "The Connection". But it still opened the doors to a more brutal sound, instrumentally speaking and lyrically Papa Roach started to focus on the relationship suffering, suffering of close ones, being one against the world (not in a revolution way) and simply fucking things up with music ("M-80", the openning track).

So awesome sound, awesome lyrics, awesome rap parts, that can only make an awesome album. Very good one.

Also, Jacoby was blonde with short hair.

Me out.

PS: You guys have to come to Portugal. Seriously.

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