Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One year and three days after they launched their last album, let's talk about Papa Roach - Part 3

You must have guessed by now that we're going to talk about Papa Roach's third album, "Getting Away With Murder".

This was a huge turning point for Papa Roach. As I said before, "Lovehatetragedy" opened the doors for the world of hard rock to them and they stepped right in with this new album. They dropped the Nu Metal act, no more rap, no more revolution, just straight feels and frontal attacks.

And in "frontal attacks" we have very little, because I am only refering to the song "Tyranny of Normality", that talks about the media. Very good lyrics, the song is powerful, but - don't know why - it doesn't moves me. Good song, I listen to it, but heh.

As that song, this album brought other songs that don't get me as hype as the rest, which usually didn't happen in the other two albuns. "Blanket of Fear" and "Stop Looking Start Seeing" are the ones I talk about. But hey, 3 songs out of twelve? Not bad at all.

The album starts off with "Blood", a song about betrayal, setting the mood - lyrically speaking - for the rest of the album. The song itself is a great opener, starts off slow for a few words, then it gets fast and then they wreck it all up when Jacoby starts screaming and the chords and drums get faster.

Then "Stop Looking Start Seeing" introduces a new theme that would become recorrent in Papa Roach songs with the lines "My enemy is not alone / In the mirror there's a stranger". Self-struggle and trying to fight yourself out of the whole you dug yourself. You see it at least two more times in "Be Free" and "Take Me".

Then there are the hits, "Getting Away With Murder" and "Scars". Both songs are really really great, both talk of suffering you caused on yourself because of others. In the album titled they talk about not being able to stop the punishment of a relationship, walking the line where you want out but you will never want out. This, along with the great bass line, the whispering "getting away getting away" and then the repetition of the first verse but while screaming makes for a great song. As for "Scars", it isn't really a ballad but it isn't really a fast song, so it stands on the line that you like to hear when you're both sad and angry, which is, I think, just what they wanted, when talking about being dragged to the bottom by someone who you were just trying to help.

To finish, I think they could have chosen a stronger closing song, even though "Do or Die" is one of my favourites. Like "Take Me", it would have been good. But you can see from the lyrics that "Do or Die" holds a meaning for them, so maybe that's that.

An album of dare, "Getting Away With Murder" marked the definitive road of Papa Roach, being a very good album in itself.

Me out.

PS: Still waiting here for you, guys.

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