Thursday, October 17, 2013

One year and six days after they launched their last album, let's talk about Papa Roach - Part 7

So this is it, the moment we've been expecting: Papa Roach's latest album review, "The Connection".

This one, as with "Metamorphosis", starts with an Intro song which, like in "Days of War", also sets the tone for the album. It says "revolution" like "Days of War", but using more electric sounds, which, as we progress through the album, we see that that is the set-up indeed.

When I first listen to the album, not really paying the attention it deserved, I didn't liked it. All the electric sound effects in "Still Swinging", "Silence is the Enemy", "Walking Dead" (all three which, btw, mark the return of "revolution songs", hence the importance of breaking down Papa Roach to styles before reviewing this album) and, most of all, "Leader of the Broken Hearts" sounded like all the modern pop-stars songs. But then I saw beyond it and, like I said, the use of these electric sounds are a modernization of their style, since they once also used electric styles that were mainstream and cheesy at the time.

That would be the main problem with the album and once you realize it is not a problem, you can start enjoying to what may very well be their best album. "Still Swinging" is a shout out to their classics, along with "Won't Let Up", bringing back rap verses, while "Not Beautiful" is awesome because it is heavy and has a "Broken Home"/"She Loves Me Not" style rap, during the bridge I mean.

The album has all of the song styles I mentioned in the other albuns, being a culmination of what they have been growing to be.

Jacoby's voice is better than ever in most of the songs like "Wish You Never Met Me", "Leader of the Broken Hearts" and "Give Me Back My Life". I also love how deep the lyrics were in "Leader of the Broken Hearts", I only got to know its meaning after watching the video.

As a band, I think they reach a high point specially during the song "Where Didi The Angels Go", which is, in my opinion, their heaviest song. I mean, God, look at that riff! Also, those screams at the end, holy shit, what a great song.

That face in the vid though
Also, their love for zombies really starts to show at this point. Not only did they have a song in which they said the title of the most famous zombie game ever like 10 times, they went to name a song after the most famous zombies series, "Walking Dead", which isn't about zombies, but indeed a "revolution song", at some point. On that note, I think the song could have been heavier instrumentally, lyrically it was really good. Also, "Still Swinging" 's video has zombies being blown up by energy blasts.

To finish up this long long article that led up to this great album, a negative thing: Why would you end up the album with "As Far As I Remember"? Actually the end of the song is great for the end of the album, but the rest is not! It's too slow of an end for a fast paced album! You should have there "Silence Is The Enemy", to finish it up with a "revolution song"! Hell yeah!

So this is it guys, finally done. I hope you enjoyed this and, if you were not a fan already, I hope you got to understand Papa Roach at least a bit like me. As a bonus, here's a promo pic of them looking good - but covered in white gooey stuff.

Me out.

PS: THERE. A seven piece article! I do think my reward should be a concert here in Portugal! Please..?

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