Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One year and three days after they launched their last album, let's talk about Papa Roach - Part 4

Two in one day! How cool am I?

"The Paramour Sessions" continued the path that "Getting Away With Murder" carved for Papa Roach.

This album is the same style as "GAWM", as so, there the "heh" songs and the awesome ones. Also, it's in this album that you can confirm Papa Roach's ability to get you hype. And by hype I mean FUCKING HYPE. They always did with songs like "Last Resort", "She Loves Me Not" and "Getting Away With Murder", but then comes "The Paramour Sessions", opening with "To Be Loved" which blows your fucking head off right off the bat.

As with previous album, this one focuses on self-struggle and one's goals and mainly on relationship problems. "Forever" is a great ballad, really well sung and heart-felt in the chorus and towards the end. "Time Is Running Out" is really exciting, getting me pumped every time with those chants in the beginning and "My Heart Is A Fist" may very well be the most underrated Papa Roach song, because you don't hear it anywhere and it's simply brutal. Out of the album I'd say it's the most heart-felt, you hear all these metaphors of how he's down in a hole, hear a powerful, simple chorus but then all of a sudden you have a guy pissed off and feeling powerless, screaming at God. I can only imagine Jacoby on his knees while screaming (obviously) "I SEE YOU ON YOUR CLOUD / LOOKING DOWN! / I'M ON MY KNEES TO PRAY / BUT YOU DON'T NOTICE ME". "Brilliant" is the word.

I think this album is the weakest of all (not as in "not good") and this is why: The ending. I believe a really good album has to maintain it's hype, being the hype low or high. If you have slow songs, you have to scatter them so the album doesn't lose it's hype. But on "Paramour Sessions" you get three slow songs to end it. I love "Reckless", it even has a special meaning to me, "The Fire" is a song I can do without and "Roses On My Grave" maybe has a special meaning for them, but I just thing all these should be scattered around the album. I said this about "GAWM" and "Do or Die" wasn't slow, so it gets even worse here. This one should have ended with "My Heart Is A Fist", no doubt.

So this is, for me, their "less good" album, even though I love most of the songs. Then again, I'm a huge fan and love most of all songs. Still, the reasons are here.

And I must say, I don't like Jacoby's visual here... Jerry looks cool though, and Dave Buckner, too. He was a very good drummer for their first movement and it was sad this was his last album. Even so, no complaints from Tony Palermo.

PS: Hey Tony, I had your back just now, please convince the guys to come to Portugal!

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