Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's national is good

I don't know at what point the portuguese band Pushed Mind is recognized outside their country, but I feel it isn't enough. And there are bands like these in every country, but this one I feel I can give a push, so here goes.

Pushed Mind is a Metalcore/Heavy Metal/Death Metal... Damn, Sometimes I'm not very good with styles. In my own knowledge I'd place them in between those three. I'll say they did what only pros do (and not every pro), found a balance between screaming dark vocals and the instruments that go along, giving you a confortable feel of fucking metal.

From an amateur band (since they're starting) you'd maybe expect an harsh sound, something that at times would make you cringe or shudder. At least that would happen to some metal fans when listening to some hardcore/metalcore songs. But no, Pushed Mind found the balance and I, for one, just listened to their whole album while thinking "this is good" as in the most sincere "this is good" I've ever thought.

Comparing it to renowned metal band Avenged Sevenfold - and, as you know, one of my favourites -, which started out as Metalcore with "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" I can honestly say that their first album "BĂȘte Noir" is a better debut in the genre that "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet", just to make you understand the comparison I made earlier.

Speaking of their album, they released it. It's called "BĂȘte Noir", Dark Beast, in english. 11 songs, 5 minutes average, great, clean sound, this is the start of every known band. You can listen to the album and, without any background, you wouldn't say it was a first.

They promoted the album at bandcamp.com, so I'll just leave the site HERE so you can listen to it. 

So this is it, I've done what I think I should. I hope they get the recognition they deserve and wish all the luck to Pushed Mind.

Me out.

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