Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sign of the Times - 1 Year and 6 days later, let's review the latest Three Days Grace album

I think that one year later it's as good a time as ever to review an album. Think of it as an anniversary review (six days late, sorry about that TDG).

Let's talk about the band first. I like Three Days Grace, a lot. They're simple, straight up "let's put our anger into this" guys. All of the songs are sad or angry. They're all about situations you relate to at some point in your life, maybe some people relate more than others.

They've had huge hits like the obvious "I Hate Everything About You", "Animal I Have Become" and "Riot" (the latter without a gay chorus, *wink* *wink* Bullet For My Valentine) and all the other songs, specially from "Three Days Grace" and "One-X" are great and I love listening to them, no matter what mood I'm in.

Then there came "Life Starts Now". I like the album too, but it's not the 5* the others were. There are some songs that are "meeeh", like "The Good Life" and "Going Down", while there are others that are as sad as ever "Last to Know"!!!) and others that I love ("Lost In You", "Break", "Bully" and others).

So we've come to "Transit of Venus", which I think followed the steps of the album before it. So I can't really complain. But this one has less "really great" songs. They're all just "great". It starts fucking awesome, with "Sign of the Times" where Adam Gontier starts of slow and you're listening carefully without knowing what to expect and then BAM, he blows you away with his amazing voice and an exploding guitar riff. "Chalk Outline" is also great, though it made me think. I couldn't figure out whether that intro riff was really distorted guitar or something more dubstep-ish. Even before I tried to look it up I figured "Fuck it, rocks anyway". And yeah, "Chalk Outline" may very well be the best song on the album.

Like I said, no "really great" songs in the album, but that doesn't change the fact that the album is pratically made of "great" songs. The only ones I don't think are great are "Expectations" and "Broken Glass", something doesn't sit right with me with their verses and lyrics. So, if out of 13 songs, 2 are less good (because they aren't bad), that's awesome.

To kick it off, it's a shame Adam Gontier left the band after the album. I don't really know if it would be fair to say that not only his voice but himself was the spirit of the group, so I won't say it. But you'll know part of me thinks it was. Here's hoping Three Days Grace will still make it and keep being awesome and true as they always were with Adam. Best of luck and rock on!

Me out.

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